Palm oil production is a major growth industry which contribute significantly to Indonesia economic development up to US$11,5 billion. Presently, palm oil industry has continued to rise up to 9.92% annually, reach 4,5 million people employment as in line with the growing demand of industry daily needs that requires vegetable oil as ingredients.

This has been in the spotlight for PT. Bakrie Sumatera Plantations Tbk which later doing a collaboration with its business partners, ASD Costa Rica to establish PT. ASD-Bakrie Indonesia Oil Palm Seed (“ASD-Bakrie”) in order to assemble the new high quality palm variety which adapted to local microclimates. With its home base in Kisaran, North Sumatera, ASD-Bakrie helps business to find, develop and manage the process to produce high quality yield oil palm seeds to helps their client’ businesses more profitable. 

Formed in 2008, PT. ASD-Bakrie Indonesia Oil Palm Seed has been set forth to expand their production quantity until 20 million seeds per year. ASD-Bakrie is now principally engaged in research, plant breeding, seed production and processing, sales and marketing of oil palm seed. ASD-Bakrie promotes greater financial return and opportunity among partners by enabling them to understand, manage and protect their oil palm plantation.

Fact Sheet


PT. Bakrie Sumatera Plantation, Tbk has become representative of ASD Costa Rica since 2008. With the growing market of oil palm in Indonesia, BSP later creating a joint-venture company with ASD Costa Rica named PT. ASD-Bakrie Indonesia Oil Palm Seed.


Agricultural Service and Development Costa Rica LLC (“ASD Costa Rica”) is well recognized as producer and exporter of high quality palm seed which has been exported to Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Africa, and Latin America.


ASD Costa Rica has been exporting more than 70 million oil palm seeds & 30 million ha of plantation land.


ASD-Bakrie is deeply committed to building awareness on how to generate higher production of CPO through palm-agricultural literacy programs held by ASD-Bakrie for the local farmers. We are work closely with Indonesia government to support us run this program.